California Recuperative Care Services

From Hospital to Horizon to Independence

With hospital stays averaging four days longer for homeless patients in the LA/Orange County area, recuperative healthcare for the homeless is necessary to ensure they get the post-hospital supervision and treatment they need.

Horizon provides every patient with a comprehensive level of follow-up healthcare at a fraction of the cost for hospitals and insurance companies alike. We monitor and manage each patient’s post-hospital medical recovery, including wound and injury care, daily vitals and medication management, including transportation to and from appointments and prescription pickups.

We also focus on their mental health, providing assessments and discussions with mental health professionals, along with referrals for longer-term care.


Horizon Recuperative Care is proud to provide prompt transportation to and from any appointments that our patients may need.

Medication Management

Our staff is well-prepared to help our patients take their medication exactly as prescribed.


Our patients receive supportive monitoring from our dedicated staff 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Behavioral Health & Addiction Prevention

We collaborate with other California recuperative services and community support programs.


We provide comprehensive post-acute transitional care for our patients who may be recovering from surgery or other medical procedures.

Mental Health Assessment & Referrals

Our team includes specialized nurses and social case managers to help patients coordinate mental health care as part of their recuperative treatment.

Comprehensive Homeless Case

Our patients receive comprehensive homeless case management as part of our standard treatment process.

Transitional Housing Assistance

We’re dedicated to helping our patients live healthy, successful lives even after leaving our facilities.

Crisis Management Services

Our team of skilled professionals assists in crisis management 24/7 – 365 days a year, to ensure all our patients succeed in their recuperative care programs.